Post-Semester Update

Fall 2014 was quite the semester for me. It came right on the heels of an amazing internship, and preceeds my final semester starting January 14th. There are more than a few topics that will at some point get separate entries:

  • I married Emily Alex Jordan <3
  • I wrote most of a compiler in C.
  • Alex and I love our Lumia 830s.
  • My MSDN subscription let my encrypt said phones.
  • This blog was updated to Ghost 0.5.7.
  • I relaunched our Minecraft server on Azure
  • I got a Keybase invite.
  • I developed a crush on Chocolately.
  • Puppet and I are falling out of favor.
  • Rhett and Link's Good Mythical Morning is a new favorite show.
  • I set Stringer back up as I missed my feeds.